"Your Tax Advisor and Financial Advisor Under One Roof"

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RKM Financial Services provides premium, tax-optimized Private Wealth Management services. More than traditional financial services providers, we offer trusted advice that covers your entire financial picture. Our all-encompassing approach to wealth management focuses as much on tax planning as it does on providing superior, holistic wealth management strategies.

Have you ever been advised to “Check with your Tax Advisor” before investing?

Most brokers and investment advisors are precluded from providing tax advice, but at RKM Financial Services, our Director of Financial Services is not only a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, but is also a Chartered Financial Consultant®and works with a team of experienced Tax Advisors, expressly qualified to advise you on how certain financial decisions can positively or adversely affect your taxes and your overall wealth goals.

We offer a wide range of tax-optimized financial solutions that are customized to meet your unique needs and objectives. These solutions help you accomplish three main goals:

  • Maximizing your wealth and enhancing cash flow
  • Protecting and preserving that wealth
  • Successfully transferring your wealth to the individuals and institutions important to you to secure your legacy

As your dedicated team of tax and wealth management professionals, it is not simply enough for us to help you grow your wealth. Protecting and sustaining your assets are a fundamental aspect of our commitment to you. We provide you with relevant information and up-to-date communication regarding your overall investment plan. As changes occur in your life, we will adapt your wealth management strategy to grow alongside your ever-evolving financial needs and goals.